Murkomen warned to watch over primitive character incase Raila takes over Statehouse

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Senator Murkomen Kipchumba crossed paths with Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Tolkos during a Senate sitting when he said the problem with Elgeyo Marakwet was lack of ideas by the county administration led by Tolgos.

In response Tolkos has accused the senator of concentrating on abusing other leaders at political rallies oblivious of the fact that the same people he abuses may find their way to State House.

“Murkomen has been abusing ODM leader Raila Odinga. I wonder what he will do if he will find Raila in State House. I also know how to abuse but am not primitive and insults won’t help me,” the governor said.

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Tolgos said the senator should understand his work is first to serve the people who elected him before going for national politics.

“Murkomen has never, even on one occasion come to the county to meet our staff and know who they are and how they work. Many of the staff we have hired are more educated and qualified than Murkomen. It’s unfair for him to say they have no ideas to run the county,” he said.

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The governor defended himself saying he had been ranked top among other regions in terms of performance.

He said Murkomen should go back to the grassroots and find out how the county is performing.

“He should keep off from abusing me just because am always quiet. Let him know that I also have the capacity to respond,” Tolgos said.

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