‘Leave the mad people to do their job’, Gospel singer Ringtone blasts Akothee following her disputable dance moves

Gospel singer Ringtone has blasted Akothee terming her mad woman following controversial dance moves.

Ringtones argues that a celebrity cannot simply do it all as trying to be a musician, dancer and outright mad person was a combination which could only have a negative impact on one’s reputation.

“Akothee fans have sent me to you they are complaining. They are saying you cannot be a successful musician, a successful dancer and a successful mad woman. You cannot be successful in everything. Akothee stick to your lane of singing and dancing. you cannot succeed in being mad. Leave the mad people to do their job,”he said.

Akothee’s recent performance made the Kenya Films and Classifications Board chair Ezekiel Mutua question the moral fibre of society today.

Fans on social media concurred with Ringtone that perhaps Akothee’s vast wealth and the manner in which she acquired it was finally catching up with her but that will remain pure speculation.

The self-proclaimed ‘President of single mothers strongly defended her actions, saying the society was perverted in itself because people actually deliberately chose to follow and sexualize her actions.

She also warned the people saying she had a greater responsibility to society because she is a public figure that she was no one’s role model.

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