Your legacy remains: Caroline Mwatha honored by collegues

Slain human rights activist Caroline Mwatha has been honored by her former colleagues at Dandora Community Justice Centre (DCJC).

The organization has drawn a graffiti of the woman on the container that houses their offices.

Her image was drawn next to that of the former President of Burkina Faso Thomas Sankara, who is often described as Africa’s most revolutionary leader.

In a statement, DCJC explained that the graffiti of Mwatha, who was known for standing up against the police, will ensure that her spirit lives on.

“Your legacy remains. You were a voice of reason. The community can attest to that,” the organization stated.

Apart from being a founder member of DCJC, Mwatha also worked as a researcher at the centre until her death.

The activist disappeared from her home in Dandora on February 6 before her body was found at City Mortuary in Nairobi on February 12.

An autopsy conducted at Umash Funeral Home revealed that she died of excessive bleeding from her ruptured uterus after a botched abortion.

Independent pathologist, Dr. Peter Ndegwa, explained that the human rights defender was “about 5 to 6 months pregnant with a male foetus.”

Mwatha will be buried on February 23 at her husband’s home in Siaya.

Here are the photos:

Caroline Mwatha’s friends at Dandora Community Justice Centre
Caroline Mwatha’s friends at Dandora Community Justice Centre


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