Woman rejects Uhuru’s gift of house,says she’s not worth it

At birth Dennis Ngaruiya suffered a terrifying bout of meningitis that left him motionless.

But during the Kenya Defence Forces Day celebrations at 3KR Barracks in Lanet, Nakuru, on October 14, 2014, the 13-year-old boy left President Uhuru Kenyatta in stitches with his electrifying poem on maternal health.

And as all in attendance during the 50th anniversary of the Kenya Defence Forces Day wiped tears of joy, his mother’s tears were a mixture of pain and joy at seeing the child everyone gave a slim chance of survival give the nation a hearty laughter.

His mother, Ms Damaris Wambui, explained the struggles she went through to see that he went to school at the right age.

When the president called him to shake his hand after the performance, Ngaruiya was so excited that his dreams were coming true.

“I have always had a dream of meeting the President and when I saw him smiling, I felt like my dreams were coming true,” said Ngaruiya.

A single mother whose son Dennis Ngaruiya cracked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ribs with a thrilling poem four years ago, has rejected a house which was built on orders of the President to appreciate her son.

Ms Damaris Wambui Kamau said the house was not what the President Kenyatta had in mind when he ordered a State House official, a Mr Wanjohi to ensure the family had a decent home.

“This is a big joke. Look at this house. It has cracks on the outside and looks like a semi-permanent house while President Kenyatta in his wisdom meant well for us as a family,” said Ms Kamau.

She added: “Why is that officer at State House playing tricks on me and my son. One day President Uhuru Kenyatta will know these tricks.”

However, State House Spokesperson and Head of Presidential Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU) Kanze Dena insisted that the house was well-furnished.


“From the information I am gathering, the house was built and it is furnished but the lady claims the house was made of waste papers. I don’t understand what she meant by that,” said Ms Dena.

She added: “What was agreed upon when the family met the President at State House has been delivered. What is missing is cutlery and mattresses which will be procured.”

Ms Dena said that the land was procured next to one belonging to a Mr Mike Getone who works at State House.

“Why this family is not living in the house is what I don’t understand. It is only Ms Kamau who can explain to us why she is not occupying the house,” said Ms Dena.

The Nation team visited the house at Murunyu area in Bahati Constituency, Nakuru County, it was overgrown with bushes, though it was connected with power and water.

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