Joho Is Not Sought After By Interpol, DCI Declares.

DCI dismisses reports indicating Governor Joho is wanted by Interpol over drug dealing

DCI wrote to Mombasa County Governor, Hassan Ali Joho stating that he was not being sought after by Interpol.

Interpol had written to DCI asking them to probe the letter circulated on social media which mentioned  Hassan Joho alongside other people as most wanted for drug dealing.

The fake letter had triggered a lot of political jitters with politicians accusing Joho of destroying many lives of youths.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has now confirmed Interpol is not investigating Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho over allegations of drug dealing.

The DCI has now initiated an investigation into the letter that was circulated on social media listing Joho and others as wanted by the Interpol.

Chief of Interpol’s National Central Bureau in Nairobi Bethuel Oburu, clarified there were no criminal proceedings against the Mombasa county boss.

“Please be informed that the letter which has been circulating in the social media pertaining to your client and others that are being investigated and being sought by Interpol is not true. The document citing that was a forgery,” read a quote from the Interpol’s letter to DCI.

“Since we may not go very far by investigating the origin of the forged letter in the social media, please take a civil remedy for those who are spreading the malicious rumors,” said the DCI.

General Secretariat who said the legal affairs office had not issued such a document adding that it was forged.


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