Anxiety high as netizens wait for Akothee’s to response to Alai

Any moment from now, singer Akothee is expected to ‘fire back’ to blogger Robert Alai and Social media will be like the disputed Israel-Palestinian border.

The boss lady did it again. She gave Kenyan a ‘free view’ of her ‘server’, Robert Alai saw the photos, ignited the fire and now people grab popcorn and wait for the response.

Just like the much awaited presidential results, Kenyans are waiting for singer Akothee to respond to Robert Alai’s remarks over her ‘nude’ performance. The Kenyans who saw Alai’s post on his facebook page were awed with excitement.

During the latest row in November 2018, Akothee responded harshly to Alai who had commented on her wall.

It will be so unlike if the singer fails to respond to Alai’s posts.

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