2 arrested over Nurses attack at Mama Lucy Hospital

Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital

Police have arrested two suspects over the Saturday night knife attack on two nurses at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi.

The suspects were arrested by police officers stationed at the hospital. A third one, said to be the patient taken to the facility, escaped and was on the run, police said.

County Commander Kenneth Murungi said the suspects were taken to Soweto Police Station.

“We will take them to court on Monday morning,” he said, adding they were searching for the third person.

Medical Superintendent Dr Musa Mohammed said the two suspects had accompanied a patient to the hospital.

“When they arrived, they found the nurse attending to another patient who was also in critical condition. An argument ensued as they insisted on the man’s treatment. When [the nurse] asked them to be patient, they attacked her,” Dr Musa said on Sunday.

Two nurses sustained slight hand injures and were treated and discharged.

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Dr Mohammed said security officers, including those from the Administration Police department, were at the hospital, but that they may have been caught off guard.

“We normally have very good security at the hospital but the time and the speed at which the incident occurred might have caught the officers outside unawares,” he said.

“They however moved quickly to contain the situation and arrested the suspects who were trying to get away from the scene of crime.”

Dr Musa said the situation was under control and assured nurses, other health workers and members of the public of security, saying more officers were sent there.

“Our staff and members of the public have nothing to worry about. The security in the facility has been boosted … we can be sure that similar incidents will not take place in future,” he said.


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