Metal Bars in Kamiti Prison Finally Takes a Toll on Maribe & Jowie’s Relationship


Has Jacque Maribe finally decided to move on with her life? Maribe, who once had a very romantic relationship with Joseph Irungu alias Jowie had a very rough 2018 when she was arrested alongside her then fiance for allegedly being behind the gruesome murder of business woman Monica Kimani.

Maribe and Irungu’s arrest certainly affected their relationship that seemed to be blossoming in every aspect. It even saw Maribe’s ex Dennis Itumbi makes moves at her in what many saw as attempts by the Statehouse digital controller to win her back.

Did he finally win her back?

Well, Jacque Maribe has finally deleted all the photos they took with Joseph Irungu on Instagram. All the long captions in which she expressed unreserved love for the former private military officer are all gone.

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While Jacque has not publicly addressed the status of their relationship ever since things went south, it is a known tradition within the circles of Kenyan Instagram stars that deletion of photos symbolizes the sunset of a relationship.

This shift in Jacque Maribe’s priorities could not have come at a worse time for Joseph Irungu who was denied bail by the court for being a flight risk. It was also said he could tamper with witnesses if let free due to the nature of his work.

Jowie was charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani after she jetted back from South Sudan where she had businesses.

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