When is Sany ‘cat-walking’ to Weston hotel? Kenyans react

Sany in action

The land grabbing menace in Kenya has been rampant since time immemorial and it looks like it might end soon. It just might end.

Sany woke up to a sunny day and ‘cat-walked’ all the way to Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi’s car bazaar located opposite the Nyayo National Stadium. The building is some few meters from the railway line. the process has caused traffic in the busy Lang’ata road.

This joins other buildings that were said to have been built in riparian land and a couple of them got demolished last year.

Wamatangi’s car Bazaar

Head of the county’s multi-agency team, Julius Wanjau, carrying out the demolitions, said marked buildings will be brought down.

As this process continues, Kenyans are unhappy with the government for sidelining deputy president’s luxurious Weston hotel. The hotel is standing in an illegally acquired land near Langata. The land has been on the spot for long now after students protested when their Langata primary school playing field was grabbed.

Deputy president on BBC last week admitted to having bought the hotel legally but later realized that the land was acquired illegally. Kenyans are now asking the county government of Nairobi to bring down Weston hotel.

These are some of the reactions from KOT;


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