‘Sany’ The Terrifying Excavator Demolishes another Illegal Structure along Lang’ata Road!

Imagine waking up to find your business is nothing but a mixture of dust and rubble!

That is exactly the fate of a high-ranking politician and his tenants who are up in arms after a complex believed to be sitting on a Kenya Railway’s Land reserve was demolished today morning.

The complex, which is located near Nyayo Stadium, housed a myriad of businesses including a pharmacy, a restaurant, a shop, and a salon.

The owner in question had initially been given Notice to vacate the land.

Unfortunately for motorists, ‘Sany’ the excavator could be seen demolishing the structure, leading to unbearable traffic along the busy highway.

As for the tenants, all they could do was watch in despair as ‘Sany’ demolished their livelihoods.

Some tenants even claim that they had not received any warning and hence, have complained that they lost important documents for failure to evacuate their belongings on time.

This is part of the government’s program to reclaim all land reserves belonging to Kenya Railways, after thrifty deals resulted in illegal purchasing of land by prominent individuals.

It is expected that any structure situated within 30 metres of the railway line will be demolished by the government, regardless of the name behind the structure or the complex.

Nonetheless, Sany has become every businessman’s worst nightmare, as he mercilessly tears down expensive complexes along road reserves that probably cost a fortune to construct.

This is one of the many illegal structures that have been demolished along Lang’ata road.

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