I regret breaking up with my husband, Lilian Muli reveals

Citizen TV’s News anchor Lilian Muli finally spoke publicly about her relationship with her enstranged tycoon husband Jared Nevaton.

Apparently Lilian is back together with Jared whom they have a son together.

In an exclusive interview at with Kalekye Mumo , Lilian confirmed that they had resolved their problems with the businessman after she called him a community husband accusing him of sleeping with other women.

In addition she stated that she regretted the weak moment she was going through at the time while she  decided to break up with the father of her last born son Liam Francis.

“Some of the downsides of whatever that we do and how we handle our social media is that you can have a weak moment, you humanly put something out there that you can’t take back and people would jump on that and ride with it,” she said.

“Unfortunately I have learnt that not everything comes across as you would want to see. I made peace with what it is I did,” added a regretful Muli.

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