“Has Matiangi Become President?” Kenyans Hail Interior CS’s Stern Behaviour in Narok

While in Narok, Interior CS Fred Matiangi raised heads after he demonstrated a show of power that rivalled that of the president.

Indeed,the Interior Coordination Cabinet Secretary barked a myriad of threads to Government employees, with the most memorable one being that he would sack each and every corrupt and lazy employee.

While dressing reporters after visiting the County Offices of Narok, Matiangi stated that he would sack employees following massive complaints by locals that they had to wait long hours before receiving their birth certificates.

The CS, who was in the company of area County Commissioner George Natembeya, Chief Administrative Secretary Patrick ole Ntutu, an Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, confronted the Narok Deputy Registrar Mr Joel Kortom for the slow response of workers in the county.

Matiangi’s words were certainly gut-wrenching for every Narok official.

“How can you tell me that you are giving out 200 birth certificate per day? Yaani unafikiria sisi ni wapumbavu (you think we are foolish)?”

Indeed, the CS has vowed to clean up the mess and clogs that have been present in different government entities and offices.

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