Government Bows Down to Defiant Striking Nurses.


President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered nurses across the country to immediately stop their strike and return to work. The President in his address to the nation on Wednesday the striking health cops an ultimatum until 8 am on Friday, February 15 to resume work for business as usual.

The president’s was followed by another one from the Council of governors who said ahead count will be conducted Friday early morning across the country to identify nurse who defied the president’s order of resume work or be fired.

In the same line of orders, the National Police Service of Kenya issued a statement of implementing the president’s order that they will provide adequate security around all public hospital to nurses who would have resumed work for smooth activities at the facilities country wide.

His orders however were met with stiff no retreat, no surrender messages from the Kenya National Union of Nurses Secretary-General Seth Panyako who urged all the nurses to stand firm to their noble cause and he further said the strike was legal and will go ahead.

However, as the President’s ultimatum drew closer, no signs of a resume to work cause were seen country wide, government issued a statement through the Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattany who revealed that a reconciliation committee from all stake holders has they will be meeting the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) on February 15 to resolve the matter.

Ukur Yattany further urged all nurses to resume to work in quite a soft appealing tone as he called for dialogue to bring to end a strike that has seen nurses away from hospital since February 4th 



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