Night clubs blamed for causing deafness in millenials

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The United Nations World Health Organization now wants to reduce the noise in night clubs to reduce millennials going deaf.

According WHO’s Dr Shelly Chadha, “What we are working on now in WHO is to develop that kind of regulatory framework about the different venues – which could be restaurants, bars, concerts, it could even be fitness classes which often have very high levels of sound being played and exposure for a long time.”

Additionally they want smartphones and personal audio players to cap volume limits – and put time limits on how long people should listen to loud music.

World Health Organization. /AGENCIES

Dr Chadha further added saying, ‘Think of it like driving on a highway, but without a speedometer in your car or a speed limit.’

‘What we’ve proposed is that your smartphones come fitted with a speedometer, with a measurement system which tells you how much sound you’re getting and tells you if you are going over the limit.

‘Our effort through this standard is really to empower the user to make the right listening choice or take the risk of developing hearing loss and tinnitus a few years down the line.’

The European Union is the only part of the world to require output levels on personal audio devices to be set to a standard of 85 decibels, with a maximum of 100.


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