Ringtone declares himself broke

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Controversial gospel star Ringtone Apoko has declared himself as poor and broke.

His declaration came as a shock following his larger than lifestyle owning a mansion in one of the most posrsh areas in Nairobi and driving big cars.

The gospel musician revealed his status saying he did not have the money people think he has. Is it really what we think or what he shows us he has.

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While speaking in an interview Ringtone said, “I am very broke , i do not have money right now. i do not habe my fare back home.You cannot speculate , i have no money.”

However his words sounded like mockery after someone reached to his pocket and found Ksh 50,000,Is that what a broke man carries around randomly? He responded by declaring that the money was not for him to use personally and that it had a specific mission.

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Could this be a publicity stunt considering this is the same man who had a Ranger Rover Sport driven to the Radio Africa offices where Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan was doing an interview earlier ostensibly to gift the machine to her?

To add to his list of riches, he once announced that he will be opening a hotel in Mombasa and gave us a sneak preview of the building.

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