Why Ruto’s Wealth will always have questions surrounding it

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Deputy President William Ruto. Dr Ruto fell short of saying he won’t reveal his net worth during a heated interview with BBC’s HARD talk host Stephen Sackur.In a wide-ranging conversation with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, who hosts the HARD talk show, Mr Ruto also defended the Jubilee government’s efforts to fight corruption and Kenya’s ability to fight Al-Shabaab terrorists.

But it is the question on wealth that was the most heated, with Mr Ruto accusing his host of not doing his homework. Below is the excerpt. SACKUR: Why have you not followed the President’s instruction in what he calls a lifestyle audit to actually go public with all your wealth and assets, itemise all of it and show it to the Kenyan public. You haven’t done it, have you?  RUTO: For the record, I’m the only politician in Kenya who has been subjected to a lifestyle audit. No other politician has. SACKUR:  Can we now see the audit? Have you made it public?


And the second in command  decided to give the BBC reporter on heavy blow ,RUTO: For you information, Sackur, you are behind the news on that matter. Every public figure, by law, is supposed to submit a list of assets and liabilities to the Speaker of the National Assembly. That I have done. The media has gone further to carry a lifestyle audit on William Ruto, the only politician who has been subjected to lifestyle audit by the media.

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