Refuting sidelining remarks,Ruto sternly reminds public of his duties

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In a wide-ranging conversation with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, who hosts the HARDtalk show, Deputy president Mr William Ruto gave a heated political interview in all the hot spots he was cornered into.

While speaking sternly, the DP clarified that the members of the cabinet report to him and the president in accordance with the Constitution.

Ruto reminded the people that the Constitution remains very clear about his role and responsibilities as the deputy president of the country.

He stated, “There is no basis of sidelining. My functions as the DP are in the Constitution and I perform all of them. I agreed with Uhuru how we are going to make the government more efficient and deliver on our pledges.”

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Ruto asserted, “The cabinet committee reports to the president and me. Where is the sidelining if this committee reports to us?”

He further indicated that the decision would help in fast-tracking the development projects in the country.

The question on wealth that was the most heated, with Mr Ruto accusing his host of not doing his homework. Below is the excerpt.

SACKUR: Why have you not followed the President’s instruction in what he calls a lifestyle audit to actually go public with all your wealth and assets, itemise all of it and show it to the Kenyan public. You haven’t done it, have you?

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