World Dignitaries Join Uhuru in Sealing New Framework to Deal With Scourge of Terrorism

Terrorism has been regarded as a cancer that keeps eating various nations across the world. It is a cancer that has still not had a cure yet.

Even without a cure, the world is at least focused on getting a painkiller for it.

The African Continent has in the recent past seen a surge in the levels of terrorism with a number of countries falling prey to the terrorists activities.

The East African Region has for instance seen terrorists rain havoc in Somalia and Kenya with Kenya’s efforts to help bring peace in Somalia making it a target for the terrorists.

What then is the way foward in bringing back sanity to Kenya, Africa and the World? What will it take to make the World a terror-free place?

Well, African leaders, among them Kenya’s President Kenyatta on Sunday vowed never to allow terrorist elements to destabilise any African country.

The leaders attending the ongoing 32nd African Union (AU) Heads of State and Government Summit in Addis Ababa discussed and strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack at the DusitD2 complex in Nairobi that led to the death of 21 people.

Newly elected AU chairman, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the President of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Mahmoud Abbas said terrorism should be eradicated and its sponsors identified and shamed.

The Egyptian leader described the scourge of terrorism as cancer that continues to affect African nations and destroying important structures.

“There is need to identify the sponsors of terrorism and address its root causes while putting counter-terrorism measures in place,” said the new chairman during his acceptance speech that also marked the official opening of the AU Summit, also attended by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

The PLO leader on his part called on the world to reject all forms of terrorism, including religious extremism.

“We are ready to fight terrorism and extremism in all our capitals. We should all abhor all forms of terrorism and extremism,” said Abbas adding that Kenya was the latest victim of the scourge.

Other key issues discussed at the Summit included a commitment by African leaders to silence all guns in the continent by 2020, an acknowledgement of a new Africa where democratic elections and peaceful transitions have replaced political takeovers and resultant turmoil.

Do you think that Africa as a continent can effectively fight and deal with terrorism?

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