Why do women wear so much make up? The internet debates

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Social media is back at it again, this time with a debate targeted towards women.

It seems women cannot be at peace because just the other day the hashtag #ThickWomenvsSlenderWomen was trending and brought down social media with both women and men giving in their two cents on the matter.

This time, it still focuses on women’s bodies, just their faces though.

Popular Radio presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingángí sought out women’s opinion on why women wear so much make up,but alas! It turns out that most responses came from men who had nothing but infuriating things to say yet the question was not directed at them.

My question is, why do men feel the need to jump into things that do not concern them, and make judgments  yet they claim women are the ones who jump into conclusions without facts? Men? Anyone?


In any case, most of the women responded according to how they felt, while not bashing other women which is very commendable especially in this society where social media is known for bullying and trolling people.

Here are some of the responses they got through Twitter.


Most people tend to forget that make-up s a form of art. There are so many artistic things that could be attained with make-up. Look at the example of costumes and make-up departments in movie making.

Or even our very own local cultures in Kenya, most people paint themselves or adorn those beautifully painted designs on their bodies and faces.

People use make up to enhance their beauty… or use their body as a canvas to convey what they feel.

But that’s just my opinion though, what do you think?


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