Senator Sakaja clears medical bill for a Dusit attack victim

Citizen Tv highlighted the story of Emmanuel Omala who survived the Dusit Attack a month ago, after he was shot seven times on the stomach.

According to Omala while speaking in an interview said that he had signed an agreement with the hospital to be paying Sh3,000 every month until he clears bill which had accumulated upto Ksh 85,0000

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on Monday came to Omala’s rescue after he cleared his medical bill he further paid Omala’s rent for six months and promised to help him get back to school.

While taking to his twitter Sakaja wrote, “Emmanuel Omala is such an amazing soul & represents the spirit of the Kenyan people. Glad to have visited him earlier on today and cleared his bill at KNH. He is recuperating well and realizes that after surviving 7 bullets, God has a great plan for him. Keep him in your prayers.”

While narrating his story Omala said that the government has promised to pay for the medical bills until they were asked to pay claiming that the attack was not a national disaster.

Additionally he said, “I was admitted to Kenyatta hospital. Deputy President William Ruto visited us and told us the government would foot for all the medical bills for the victims. The next day, Health CS Sicily Kariuki also visited us and made the same promise,”

Omala had gone to deliver meat at the complex when the attack happened, he further added saying that he encountered the terrorists saw them. They were shooting aimlessly and he happened to be in their radar.




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