Photos of Sakaja with Dusit lucky soul who survived 7 bullets

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Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, on Sunday, promised to clear Ksh100,000 medical bill for Emmanuel Omalla, a delivery man who was caught in the Dusit Riverside attack on January 15.

Sakaja promised to clear the young man’s bill after Omala’s story was aired on TV showing how he was struggling to recuperate following the horrific attack.

In a Facebook post the senator who has fulfiled his promise said Omala, who was shot seven times in the stomach, back and foot is now recuperating well and asked Kenyans to pray for him.

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“Emmanuel Omala is such an amazing soul. He represents the spirit of the Kenyan people. Glad to have visited him earlier on today and cleared his bill at KNH. I am encouraged he is recuperating well and realises that after surviving the Dusit attack and after sustaining seven bullet wounds, God has a great plan for him. Keep him in your prayers. We remain unbowed as a country,” Sakaja said.

Omalla disclosed that he had been forced to stay in the hospital for ten days until he paid Ksh15,000 for him to be discharged.

The lucky soul recounted how on that fateful day, he tried to escape and hide under a chair but the terrorists got to him and shot him seven times in the back and on the stomach.

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