Eat this to have long, rich and full hair


Apart from genetics your diet plays a huge role on your hair, skin, nails. Lets look at the the key foods that help strengthen your hair

  1. Eggs – Biotin is essential for production of keratin – the hair protein! And eggs have plenty of those. Along with the biotin another essential ingredient important for hair health nutrients that is in eggs is zinc and selenium
  2. Spinach – it is loaded with foliate, Iron, and Vitamins A and C will promote hair growth. Iy also contains sebum, which acts as a natural conditioner for hair as well as Omega-3 acids will keep your hair shiny and intact.

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3.  Salmon – This power house is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that the body cannot make on its own. Omega-3 and omega-6 helps decrease hair loss and increase hair growth. It is also rich in protein and Vitamin D3.

4. Avocados – rich in vitamin E that neutralizes free radicals and also protects your skin and scalp. Healthy hair follicles means healthy hair.

5. Cinnamon – this spice helps to improve your blood circulation to bring more oxygen and nourishment to your brain and hair follicles.


6. Berries – you need vitamin C which is linked to increased hai growth and also, the antioxidants in berries will help protect hair follicles from harmful molecules and oxidative stress.

7. Nuts – another great source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are absolutely necessary for hair growth and maintenance.

8. Oysters – One of the best sources of zinc, a nutrient that supports the growth as well as the repair of hair.

9. Soy beans – Spermidine, a compound in soybeans, is associated with hair growth. It increases the amount of time the hair follicle is in its best stage, the anagen stage it also is a great source of iron which many women are deficient in and is likely the reason for hair loss

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