How to have a sex dream like a boss

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You know you had a good sex dream when you wake up feeling ridiculously happy. If only you could make it happen every night, right? This might be only possible in a perfect world. Unfortunately, in the real world you get the dream you get, including the one where you are naked in your school staff room.

According to M.D W Christopher Winter, a certified sleep medicine researcher at Charlottesville Neurology, you can train yourself to have control over the sex dreams you want. Word.

Though there is no exact reason as to what causes sex dreams, experts have said that dreams have something to do to what is on your mind. Therefore, sex dreams might be a reflection of what you might have been thinking about during the day, or your depressed desires.

Benefits of sex dreams

There are some benefits of having sex dreams, like having sex without lifting a finger (kinda). Sex dreams can also help one lower their stress levels, give you a sense of calmness, and help you relax according to Jess O’Reilly, PhD, sexologist and author The New Sex Bible. Sex dreams can also offer insight to your desires and inspire fantasies.

With all these potential benefits of sex dreams, these tips might help you have them more often:

  1. Have Sexy Thoughts

Dreams are a reflection of your thoughts. Thinking about sex during the day may translate to you having sex dreams at night. You will be better off if you continuously remind yourself of the topic.

  1. Imagine your perfect dream

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Imagine your perfect sex dream and try to act it out. You must try to make it seem as real as possible. This will increase your chances of having one.

  1. Act it Out in real life

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While you are awake, try to act your sex dream out. It doesn’t hurt to play your fantasy out. it will be best if you set the stage instead of playing it in your mind. By acting out, your body is more than likely to pick the clues and render them at night.

  1. Practice, Practice and Practice again

It will be almost impossible to have the dream you want on your first try. The chances of it happening are only if you practice the same thing night in, night out.

  1. Set up the dream when still in bed

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While you are lying in bed, you should play out your dream. Think about a scenario then move on the the next step.

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