Why families being evicted by NLC & KMA at Likoni will not be compensated

Likoni demolitions

On Saturday Mr Muhammad Swazuri chairman of the National Lands commission accompanied Likoni security team to Senti Kumi, Likoni where over 150 families have been evicted.

The officials tore down several structures without allowing residents to remove their belongings.

NLC and the Kenya Maritime Authority’s notice for them to move away from navigational aids of 90 days issued in January 18, 2018  elapsed.

Mr Swazuri said that since year 2000, complaints were made about the blockage, Kenya being warned that the port of Mombasa risked being shut down due to poor visibility of the navigation aids by vessels.

Image result for images of the demolition of their structures, for being in the way of navigation lights, on February 9, 2019

“The International Maritime Organization had threatened to stop vessels from coming to the port because of the poor visibility of the beacons that aid navigation into the Kilindini Habour,” he said.

Mr Swazuri noted that at least 200 people were affected but said the government will not compensate them since they encroached on the land and constructed the houses illegally.

He, however, gave the residents until February 15 to clear the way leaf.

The chairman said the commission had a list of 31 properties near navigation paths.

Image result for images of NLC chairman Swazuri
NLC Chair Swazuri

They include the State House in Mombasa, Old Nyali Bridge, Old Port, within the Navy Base at Mtongwe, Malindi Mnarani, and other areas of Kilifi County.

“The KMA and the Kenya Ports Authority say the [lighthouse] next to State House is visible and that the one at Old Port is no longer used as ships no longer dock there,” Mr Swazuri said.

“Those in Kilifi, Mnarani and Malindi are high up, therefore visible. Only the ones at Senti Kumi have been overshadowed by illegal structures.”

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