NLC & KMA evict 150 families from navigational aids site

Image result for images of the demolition of their structures, for being in the way of navigation lights, on February 9, 2019

Encroaching of government land in Kenya has since left may homeless with many blaming the same goovernment for allowing the owersof the homes to legally be in the areas leading to painfull dilemma during loses suffered in demolition.

The cry continues as currently over 150 families in Senti Kumi, Likoni, were evicted on Saturday after the National Lands Commission and the Kenya Maritime Authority’s notice for them to move away from navigational aids elapsed.

The NLC issued the notice in January 18, 2018 for the individuals to surrender the sites and leave within 90 days.

Likoni demolitions

The navigational aids were put up in the early 1920s and commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri said the land was entirely reserved for navigation lights.

Mr Swazuri accompanied the Likoni security team to the demolitions in Mombasa County.

The officials tore down several structures without allowing residents to remove their belongings.

“A fortnight ago we told the residents to move by February 9 since their houses obscured navigation lights,” the chair explained.

Image result for image of navigation lights in Kenya

“The law of navigation requires that the lights be sufficiently spaced and that the corridor be clear of structures. Captains of ships gaining entry to the port have had a hard time as the roofs reflect [light, presenting the risk of a] shipwreck,” he noted.

The chairman said the commission had a list of 31 properties near navigation paths.

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