Well cooperative Dusit terror suspects set free from custody

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The ATPU, through the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, has released Gladys Kaari, Guleid Abdihakim, Hussein Khamis and insurance agent Zipporah Karanja among the five NTSA officials set free after ATPU withdrew allegations on them over Dusit terror links.

Kaari was detained after ATPU established that she aided the leader of the six terrorists killed during the attack Ali Salim Gichunge to withdraw cash at her M-Pesa shop despite not having a national ID.

State counsel Duncan Ondimu said the after investigations, ATPU did not find evidence linking them to the attack and is no longer interested in keeping them in custody.

Mr. Ondimu said the six have been cooperating well with investigators and answered all the questions they were asked during the investigations.

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He however said there are separate ongoing investigations that will require the suspects to report at the ATPU headquarters periodically.

The NTSA officials will be required to report at the ATPU head office every Thursday beginning next week. Kaari, Karanja and Khamis will be reporting at the counter terrorism unit offices once every month.

Ondimu added that two NTSA officials; Anthony Kadu and Augustine Musembi will remain in custody pending completion of investigations against them.

Only Andihakim was released unconditionally.

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