‘Yengz Lazima Abambwe on Valentine’s Day’ How To Save Only Kshs 1500 and Make it Work!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and for the infamous boychild, it’s time to prove his undying love to the ‘empress.’

For those who don’t know, the empress is who you refer to as the main chic, ‘msupa’ or the girl that ‘holds down the fort’ when you’re out and about on the grind.

She’s the one that makes you buy a ‘kabambe’ so that you can text Njeri and Sheila in the middle of the night to make weekend plans.

Because let’s face it, even though you love her, there has never been a hyena that left a carcass unattended, right?

Of late though, she’s been quite aggressive. Which you can tell from all the silent treatment she’s giving you.

But now that Valentines is around the corner, it’s up to you to step up to the plate and win her over again.

Lest she finds solace from Kevo wa bedsitter huko TRM!

Too bad your wallet looks something like this…


However, if you can save Kshs 1500 before D-day, here is how you can please the empress on a tight budget.

Fare-Kshs 400

There is no way empress is paying her own fare, right? So just set aside Kshs 400 for you and her. So that 200 caters for fare to and from town, as well as the special place that you are taking her.

But make sure you leave the house around 10 and return by 4 to avoid fare hikes during rush hour!

Peppino’s Pizza and 500ml Soda- Kshs 750

With the February heat bearing down on us, it is only logical that empress eats heartily and is cooled by an ice-cold Fanta orange.

Good thing, Peppino’s Pizza has its double-offer every day of the week, and the medium size goes for Kshs 650. Add to that a soda priced at Ksh 100, and lunch is sorted!

National Park-Kshs 400

When was the last time you went to the national park?

If it’s been a while, then you will be pleased to discover that it’s a great place to have a date at Ksh 200 per person. The wildlife, the scenery, and the acrobatics on display will certainly capture her attention. Vitu kama hizi

And with that, you will have spent a total of Kshs 1550. Buy a pet soda during the date and save an extra 50 shillings for tomorrow’s fare!




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