Tourism Minister responds to critics on Miss Curvy Uganda

Mr. Godfrey Kiwanda

The latest ‘tourist attraction’ in Uganda being curvaceous women faced a lot of critics. The tourism minister, Godfrey Kiwanda, announced the juicy opportunity to Ugandan ladies. The Miss curvy which is set to start in June will see women with fine bodies representing Uganda in building the economy and earning of revenue.

The initiative by Mr. Kiwanda was one of a kind, however, it faced a lot of critics from women. Primrose Murungi, a Change Org. Petition campaigner wrote that she feels personally attacked by the Minister.

“I personally feel attacked. this is disregarding of women. In a country where women are grabbed by men, while walking the streets and now legalizing it by making them tourist attraction is not fair”, reads Murungi’s petition

The campaign from Murungi has since gained support from social media about shutting down the initiative.

“They are objectifying us and reducing us to nothing. Please sign this petition for the minister to take down the Miss Curvy initiative and offer an apology to the public as well” she added

The minister, however, has refuted the critics and in a defensive way, gave his analogy.

“Men have worked as bodybuilders and no one has come out to speak about it,” he said

Uganda might just be one step ahead in encouraging tourism in East and Central Africa.

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