The late Moses Radio is the father of my son, opens up Dorah Mwima

Former Miss Uganda 2009, Dorah Mwima, confesses that the late Mowzy Radio was the father of her first born son, Ethan. In a shocking revelation, Mwima opened up about carrying Radio’s baby when the two were an item.

Radio passed away last year February 1st after sustaining injuries in a bar in Entebbe, Uganda. The Ugandan star left his all-time ally, Weasel. Radio’s family at the moment is having a hard time in court as wrangles on his property continue.

Dora Mwima on her side was straight forward about her intentions on her revelations. From what she placed as a threat from a facebook account, Mwima decided to let the cat out of the bag and didn’t want anyone to break the secret.

“From past experience, I prefer people to know the truth directly from me and not from other sources who might try to use it to tarnish my name, so today is the day I will get to share the truth with you all before anyone else does,” she posted on her facebook page.

Was she after part of the property for the late radio?. Unlike other women who always claims to have had a history with a man when dead, Mwima pointed out her reasons.

“As for the cases in court, we are not involved in any of them! Ethan is officially called Ethan Jabari Barrak, he was raised by Nader who considers him as his own son, and we don’t want anything, no money, no land, no house, NOTHING! This must be very clear! e do not need anything we are totally happy!

To the family of the late Moses Ssekibogo aka Radio, I am sorry that you will get to know the truth from social media, just know Ethan is a happy, intelligent and amazing boy, and he is living in an amazing environment! I just hope that if one day he decides to come and meet you, your doors will be open to him.” reads part of her post

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