#ReleaseNjeri!! Outraged Kenyans call out police brutality


A video released on social media a few moments ago has Kenyans outraged! The infamous Kenyan police are on the spotlight yet again and we are sad to report there’s no good news.

The video shows fist-hand police brutality in action. In the video, a group of five police officers, 2 men and three women in uniform are seen harassing Kenyan lady from the front seat of a matatu believed to be from Kasarani area in Nairobi. The distressed lady in question is seen screaming as they attempt to dislodge her from the matatu forcefully almost making her fall on the ground. They employ very aggressive means, tagging at her clothes almost tearing them and even confiscate her phone in the process.

The circumstances leading up to the events in the video are still unclear.  Many question if it was one of their corrupt moves to solicit ‘chai’ from the driver of the matatu. The brave young lady who recorded and uploaded the video is called Njeri and has since been arrested and is being detained at Kasarani police station for her courageous act. She is heard screaming,”It’s her right! Mbona mnamshukisha?” while defending the unknown lady facing harassment from the Police Officers.

Kenyans have taken to twitter to demand for the release of the young lady and intervention from Fred Matiangi and Inspector General Joseph Boinnet into the matter.

Kenyans have since expressed their dissatisfaction in the impunity and rogueness of the police under the hashtag #ReleaseNjeri.

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