How a ‘high-school crush’ inspired Tiwa Savage to stardom


Nigerian Top Female Artist  Tiwa Savage has revealed the trigger that inspired her to pursue music as a career.

Tiwa  Savage in an interview said that she had a high school crush  who used to hang out with musicians and he always seeked his attention.

The Singer also added that her way of  seeking attention led her on to join a choir and that is how her music journey began.

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Some artists have shared interesting stories on how they started their music careers and funny enough not everyone realized they had a talent until they got a trigger.

Other stories of musicians for instance in Kenya Vera Sidika unleashed her music talent after her breakup with Otile.

Some admitted that they never really had intentions of joining the industry until some of their random  freestyle went viral.

The triggers are always important judging from Tiwa Savage’s story who is now among top artists who are recognized in the African Continent and beyond.

Despite being told that she wouldn’t be able to compete against male artists, she rose to the top of the music scene.

She is a role model and a perfect representation of a phenomenal woman.

Tiwa Savage has worked with top artists across the glove and stands to be  a favorite to many.

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