Ommy Dimpoz back to the game after undergoing surgery

Tanzanian superstar, Ommi Dimpoz has had a rough couple of months after he fell sick in 2018. Having checked in a South African hospital, his health deteriorated that raised concern in Tanzania’s music industry. Celebrities took their time in wishing the Baadae hit maker a quick recovery and some went to see him. News spread all over that Ommy Dimpoz was almost dying but later came out saying he was feeling better and ready to do what he does best.

In an interview with Ayo TV, Ommy revealed how he went to Germany to seek medication and that his health is getting back to normal.

The artist has released his new jam under Rock-star label thanking God for the second chance He gave him.

“Sina melezo, nimeishiwa uwezo, namwomba aliye juu! anitoe kitandani.Nikawaza je? Marafiki zangu , familia yangu na ndoto angu zingetimia eeh”

“I have no explanation, am out of strength, Am praying He who is heaven to get me out of bed. I thought about my friends, family and my dreams will be shuttered”says part of his song.

His new song has in it pictures of when he was hospitalized and a few people who went to visit him.

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