Mr. Seed and Bahati are now enemies?

Bahati Kenya and Mr. Seed has been best friends for a while now. Having served in the same ministry since they joined music career, they are now on the peak of partying ways. Mr. Seed started music career way earlier than Bahati and at some point gave him a hand when Bahati was still upcoming.

Fast forward, Bahati made it in the industry and helped Mr. Seed. That is true definition of friendship. After being signed to EMB records, Mr. seed gained popularity again just like the old times. Having enjoyed the ride in EMB, Mr. Seed parted ways with Mtoto wa Mama and this might just be the end of their friendship.


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ANNOUNCEMENT!! After 2 SUCCESSFUL YEARS being signed under EMB records i have FINALLY DECIDED to go INDEPENDENT and be MY OWN ARTIST for the sole purpose of paving way for other YOUNG AND COMING ARTISTS that BAHATI has been taking in that needs more the platform and support that EMB have offered to me and can offer,i also in return would like to NURTURE OTHER UPCOMING ARTISTS for it has been a DREAM FOR TOO LONG NOW to do something about the TALENTED YOUNG ARTISTS that need that just one push to realize their dream…ME and BAHATI still remain BROTHERS and ill always wish him the VERY BEST IN EVERYTHING HE DOES. if there will be other STORIES that will RISE UP I will address them to everyone coz am already getting words on the streets that are not pleasing to my ears☺ ..anyways WE START YEAR 2019 ON A HIGH NOTE,this year we make more MOVES and WIN MORE SOULS…continue watching the space and continue supporting me as I push this GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST .. 2019 IS MY TIME!! #STARBORNEMPIRE

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From the recent statement from Ringtone Apoko, Mr. Seed was forced to leave EMB after Bahati and Diana Marua calls police on them during an event on late December 2018. Over the weekend, Mr. Seed and girlfriend Nimo held a baby shower but Bahati and Marua never showed up. This was weird because the two families spent their time together from vacations to tours and even was present during their engagements. This left fans speculating if they have call it quits to their friendship.



Mr. Seed’s wife, Nimo had a baby shower where close friends and family graced with black and gold as the dress code. Nimo on her Instagram page, thanked whose who made her day a success;


Nimo and closest friends

” Friends are definitely a gift from God!! The most expensive things in life are free I love you guys and thank God for you, thank you so much for what you did or me and my baby and Daddy”

Mr. Seed however has maintained his relevance in the industry, this is after releasing his new single, Dundaa which is doing quite fine in the airwaves.

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