Costs about £400-500 to work in the UK,Fake Passports Scheme expose:

a picture of a utility bill(requirement for residency and work in the UK

The lucrative dream of working abroad for Kenyans is a never ending cycle. Kenyans will look for greener pastures and the UK just seems to be much greener.

“It costs between Sh50,000 to Sh60,000 to get the papers,” Muturi explained to him, that is just how much  it will cost to get yourself a passport , utility bills and work permit for you to work in he UK.Yes you read right, exactly right.


A  reporter from The Sun went undercover posing as an immigrant and was introduced to one Julius Muturi who just told what it takes for him to acquire all these documents.

an example of a residence permit from the UK

Filling out a form , and paying up and after weeks , a new passport delivered to the  UK from Kenya with the holders name being James Nakhuba, who hailed from Kakamega  and the passport valid till 2022.


So just incase you are wondering how easy it is to work abroad ,it s that easy , you may end up in the UK or jail.


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