Why three Dusit terror attack suspects were set free

Three Dusit terror attack suspects have been set free after the prosecution closed a file saying the probe did not reveal links to the incident.

It is reported that the Anti-terror police unit had closed the prosecution file for the three suspects after investigations failed to show any involvement to the attack that claimed 21 leaving several others with injuries.

On Monday, the Nyeri court allowed the prosecution to further hold Abdul Kibiringi, James Mwai and Habiba Hunshur for an additional five days when they appeared before Nyeri Resident magistrate Nelly Kariuki.

The Anti-Terror Police Unit through Constable Newton Mwangi had informed the court that the trio had been arrested in Nyeri town on Friday last week and their call logs were to be obtained so as to facilitate the probe.

Constable Mwangi was to have told the court that “the initial investigations show the suspects have a link of other suspects in the attack. Police are waiting for call log data to finalise the investigations.”

One of the suspects decried the arrest saying he could not see the motive behind holding him in custody for suspicion that he was part of the militia network yet it was only his son who was a suspect.

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