Wema Sepetu becomes the voice of FilmMakers in Tanzania


Tanzanian Actress Wema Sepetu has today today spoken on behalf of film makers in a meeting between Government officials and Tanzanian Artist.

The Actress voiced the challenges that they face as Film Makers and gave her recommendations on the same

Speaking during the meeting, Wema Sepetu said that the platforms to market and sell their products are no more and therefore this is a challenge that is hindering development.

The actress said that for her she has made efforts by creating an app through which she can share her content.

She however says that not all people can comfortably access the platform and her concern is that film makers can reach the audience.

Wema Sepetu  says that this platform will enable film makers to share with their audience of recently released projects.

Wema sepetu has been in the film industry for many years and  with the honours to represent other film makers this is such a great move.

Sepetu’s contribution in the film market is highly appreciated and she hopes that the government will consider her request.

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