Why teachers are staging mass exodus from schools

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Wilson Sossion

Kenya National Teachers Union chair Wilson Sossion lamenting over teachers safety has revealed that after six non-local teachers were critically injured by students atChalbi Boys High School in Marsabit,most of the non-local teachers staged a mass exodus from some of the schools in North Eastern following the assault cases.

Sossion said the acts of mob justice have left teachers traumatised and unable to discharge their roles to expected standards.

He said the cases have set a very bad precedent as teachers are no longer willing to discipline learners for fear of being molested.

“The society has been tuned to focus on teacher discipline and not student discipline,” he said.

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Sossion noted that over the past three years, hundreds of teachers have been attacked by students with parents joining the fray in extreme cases.

Majority of the cases occurred after teachers took disciplinary action against students.

On January 24, Peter Omare, a physics teacher at Hopewell High School at Barut in Nakuru county was allegedly attacked and killed by two students for confiscating their mobile phone.

The school administration said one of the students was from the same school while the other was from a neighbouring school.

Omare was attacked as he walked home in the evening and hit by a blunt object that opened up his skull.

Sossion said the murder is an indication of a failed Quality Assurance and Standards System that now poses danger to the successful delivery of sustainable and equitable education in the country

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