How journalist has been robbed at gun point

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Crime mindset is getting more and more dangrerous in Kenya with crime being reported at an hourly rate these days.

After the horrible incident where travellers headed to Kisii were hijacked with the criminals exhausting massive cash from them including making them request loans via mobile, another meriless crime has been reported.

Its been revealed that Kameme TV reporter Wambui Mwangi was on Wednesday carjacked by armed gunmen who robbed her at gunpoint.

The journalist was travelling from Kijabe Hospital at around noon when she was waylaid by the robbers along Kamae-Gakoe road in Kiambu County.

“There were several men in police uniform who flagged her to pullover. Once she obliged, the men accused her of over-speeding although this was false given she was travelling on a rough terrain road,” Victor Kinuthia, a colleague to the journalist told reporters.

The car that the thugs took from Wambui Mwangi

The thugs who had parked a Toyota Fielder by the roadside then asked Wambui to disembark from her car and not switch off the ignition.

It is only after she alighted from her car registration number KBZ 859B, a Toyota Premio, that they identified themselves as robbers and not police officers as their attire suggested.

“They ordered her to take the back seat where they sandwiched her before driving off. Some of the carjackers drove in the awaiting Toyota Fielder,” he added.

After robbing her valuables including a Macbook laptop, video camera, a camera tripod and other valuables, the thugs abandoned her in a remote location before taking-off with her car as well.

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