DPP Haji slums Lydia Achieng for lying to the media

The Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji has refuted claims that Lydia Achieng was wrongly acquitted.

While speaking to the media Ms Achieng said that she spent 10 years behind bars on what she claimed were trumped up charges of defiling a minor.

She had been accused of committing an indecent act with a 13-year-old boy, an act she denied in court and during the TV interview.

Her story triggered the DPP  who is now accusing Achieng of lying to the media.

In his statement he said, “Achieng is not truthful. The media should be careful how they report such stories. You needed to have listened to the other side to get facts right.”

However  city lawyer Nelson Havi disagreed with the DPP saying that he is too quick to judge.

“We have constituted a team of advocates to review this judgement and all preceding criminal proceedings relating to Lydia Achieng. For now, it is premature of DPP under whose office the prosecution proceeded, to conclude that Achieng lied to media.”

“We will sue for malicious prosecution. We will also go for the magistrate if there was complacency. From this we will also go for the prosecutor and the complainant,” said Havi.

At the heart of the debacle is whether Achieng was framed or not. On TV, she claimed her accuser was annoyed about a relationship between their children.

In court records, Achieng claimed the dispute stemmed from a fight over a man.

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