BASATA speaks on Diamond, Rayvanny new song ‘Tetema’


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Tanzanian Art Council has today given a review of Diamond, Rayvanny new song ‘Tetema’

This was during an interview on Wasafi TV where they gave their remarks following the  comeback in the music game.

BASATA insists that they have a good relationship with artists but there is a need to respect the regulations.

Speaking on behalf of the management, the BASATA official said that  they had reviewed their songs and gave it a direct pass.

They however maintained that if at all they will  fall back to the songs that do not meet up the guidelines and morality they will still take action.

The Tanzanian art council also noted that the artists we aware that their ‘Mwanza’ song was controversial and that is why the had to admit and apologize before their ban was lifted.

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In an interview, WCB Boss Diamond Platnumz said that they will be more cautious and make sure that they present their projects to BASATA to avoid facing backlash.

Here is the full interview courtesy WASAFI TV


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