“Auntie wa Dad”: Deadly Web of seduction inside Ruiru millionaires

Joseph Kori, Judy WambuiA shocking story starts a few minutes past 10am on Saturday, when a a woman by the name Wangui hired a taxi headed to her lovers home home. On arrival , Wangui rang the bell, the gate was opened, and the lovers son , a six year old boy responded.

Wangui has been dating  Joseph Kori Karuwe, 41, who is a married man living with his family.

However , while on her way to see her lover, Kori was moving on the opposite direction meaning he was not in the house.

The only people in the house were the six year old boy and  Kori’s wife, Mary Wambui Kimangara, 39 and her sister.

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So when the six year old boy opened the gate , Wangui offered to buy the boy pizza at the nearby Thika Road Mall, obviously in a bid to establish the whereabouts of his father. And just like any other child, the boy agreed to accompany her, but returned to the house to seek permission from his mother, telling her it was “Auntie wa Dad”.

Wambui, Koris wife,  stepped out to see who this “Auntie” was, only to come face to face with her former employee Wangui, who had worked at her hardware shop in Kahawa West, a bustling settlement off the road to Kamiti in Nairobi.

She had for a while suspected that Wangui was having an affair with her husband, but she did not show it when she met her. Instead, the two women greeted each other warmly, and even agreed to go out on a lunch date together.

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However the  mystery around the murder of Koris wife is how the two women agreed to go for lunch together while they both are rivalling for Kori’s heart.

According to the sister of Koris wife , Wambui(koris wife) invited Wangui(Side chick) into the house as she dressed up for the lunch date, but she( wangui) declined the invitation, opting instead to wait outside the gate to the homestead.

It was then that they then drove out together inside Wambui’s car as Wangui’s taxi that she had come with had stalled developed a mechanical problem.

Police corroborated Esther’s version of events, saying the two women left Garden Estate in the Wambui’s car, a white Mercedes Benz, had a brief stopover at Thika Road Mall, where Wambui(Koris wife) had scheduled to pick up a parcel, and headed to Homeland Inn, still on Thika Road just after the Garden City Mall turn-off, for lunch.Image result for Homeland Inn

Witnesses at Homeland Inn said Wambui(koris wife), known to her friends as Mama Derrick, ordered some githeri, which she shared with Wangui(sidechick) in her car before the two women joined two gentlemen for roast beef inside the restaurant.

“The men had arrived separately and also left separately after having some nyama choma and wine with the two women,” a source at the restaurant said. “Both women appeared to be on good terms. They even took selfies sharing a piece of meat. Nothing seemed unusual. And they left the restaurant together.”

At around 5pm, after a long day of merrymaking, Wambui(koris wife)is said to have convinced Wangui(sidechick) to take her to her (Wangui’s) house at Fourways Junction.

Wangui has lived at Fourways, where the monthly rent is about Sh60,000, for two years. Residents said a two-bedroom unit like the one she lives in costs roughly Sh12 million.Related image

Wangui agreed to be dropped home but shockingly, they found Kori at the house of Wangui (sidechick) .Also,inside the small apartment were pictures of Kori hanging on the wall, confirming Wambui’s(koris wife)  worst fears that her husband was also the man of the house she had visited.

The furniture in the house also matched that which Wambui had espied on her husband’s mobile phone a while back.

“An argument ensued, leading to a fight that lasted till darkness set in. In the end, Wambui was fatally injured.

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Police learnt that Wambui was murdered inside the mistress’ apartment and her body dumped in a dam off Toll Station on Thika Road, next to Courtesy Beach Hotel.

Police believe the body was dumped that same night of Saturday when they fought.

“Wambui had a deep cut on one side of her head and multiple bruises on both hands, indicating she had struggled before her death,” said Juja DCIO Obed Kiio.

Police say the body was wrapped in bed sheets and put in a sack. It was then put in her car and driven to the dam at around 1am.

Apparently, an earlier plan to carry the body in a taxi fell flat after the driver chickened out after realising what the assignment was. Police were looking for him.

Kori was arrested at the scene on Sunday morning. Police say they saw him walk in as they collected evidence from the dam.


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Asked why he was at the scene, he said he was searching for his wife, who had disappeared the previous night. He added that he had been led to the scene by a post on the Kilimani Mums Facebook page indicating that a woman’s body had been found in the area, family sources said.

Juja OCPD Simon Thirikwa said Kori led them to Wangui, who was found in her house. Bloodstained clothes were also found in the house.

The murder raises concern about the increasing cases of family killings, especially where multiple partners are involved. It is also a commentary on the rising culture of “sponsors”, where young women are accorded expensive lifestyles by married men.

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