Wife distances herself from stuck kenyan athlete in US drowning in poverty

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running greats Steve Jones and Henry Rono

A sickly fallen track athlete currently working as a security guard at the Albuquerque, New Mexico where he has been living for the past 32 years has earned sympathy after hilighting struggles that made defeat celebrity syndrome and pead with Kenyans to help him secure ticket back home.

Kip Keino, who had a hand in helping Rono secure a track scholarship at the Washington State University in 1976, said that he will do whatever it takes to see that his compatriot returns home.

“I’m ready to buy Rono his ticket. It is me who got him into competition in the US and I will make sure he comes back home,” Keino told the Nation on Wednesday. “We need him to come home and see his family.”

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KipChoge Keino, right

However even as many other athletes have declared themselves ready to help Rono who will also need financial support to settle down on arrival, Rono’s estranged wife and son declined to comment on the matter.

Rich Dafter, his close American friend and supporter, was quick to set up a fund-raising drive aimed at catering for Rono’s upkeep.

“He has been sick with the flu and can’t work. I saw him yesterday and he is the same Henry that I have always known. He has a Nandi warrior’s heart and his mind wants to be able to direct his body to do what it does best,” Dafter stated.

Jack Tuwei, Athletics Kenya President, revealed that he had received numerous offers to support Rono.

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