Controversial lawyer claims Sonko is a criminal

Controversial Lawyer Miguna Miguna  has accused Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko of being a criminal.

This remark was sparked following yesterday live interview on the JKL show.

Sonko had stated that he is so fearless when it comes to dealing with cartels.

He also spoke of  rooting out corrupt officials and making sure that the face the law.

A Kenyan had jumped in saying that a pact between  Sonko and Miguna Miguna would be the end of corruption in our country.

A couple months ago,  the Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko caused ripples across the country by nominating the controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna as his deputy.

Sonko made the unexpected pronouncement  in a letter to the Speaker of the County Assembly saying the former Governor aspirant met all the requirements as provided for in the constitution.

“I hereby forward my nominee, Lawyer Miguna Miguna to undergo full vetting process and approval by the County Assembly for the position of Deputy Governor.

“The nominee meets all the requirements provided for in the Constitution, the Leadership and Integrity Act, the Elections Act and County Government Act,” the letter read.

Things might have changed ever since this proposal since from his interview last night Sonko said that as at now that is not something he would consider.

Do you think Miguna-Sonko pact would indeed bring an end to corruption in the country?


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