How Diamond’s ex lover walked out on their relationship

Diamond’s Ex lover Hawa Said from the ‘Nitarejea’ song has revealed how  she was forced to walk out of their relationship.

Hawa says that they had lived under the same roof with the Tanzanian artist but out of jealous, she could not keep up with the relationship.

The Singer however says that she was so heartbroken and was denial about them parting ways.

She also said that the break up  and relationship frustration was one of the issues that led her on to alcoholism.

Hawa also revealed that they were in a relationship with Diamond way before the ‘Nitarejea’ song.

Speaking to Wasafi Tv, Hawa says that Diamond was not the reason for their break up since she never spotted him cheating or anything of that sort.

She was so angry, bitter and jealous that she decided to let go. Her relationship with men ever since became a frustrating matter.

The artist revealed that she never wanted anything to do with men.

Hawa dated another man who got her pregnant and abandoned her while she was still expectant.

She later  got married and converted to Christianity with the hope that the newly found husband would be there to stay.

Something that never happened. Hawa says that she has gone through enough and has lost her touch of love.


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