Uganda Bans Sports Betting, should Kenya follow suit?


Should betting be banned in Kenya?

The Betting business has taken root in different parts of the country and it has become an old age practice.

Although it appears like an interesting activity, it could be doing more harm than good for our society.

Following the recent ban of sports betting in Uganda should Kenya follow suit too?

I have seen people stranded for using school fees, I have seen the excitement in winning a couple dollars or what would seem like a jackpot and I have seen betting zombies as well.

Kenyans have shared the pros and cons of this betting business and  seemingly  those who do not benefit from it will prefer to campaign for the ban to be effective in our country.

For those who have enjoyed it’s fruits they jump in full defense. One man shares how he paid his school fees after earning 250,000 after using only 150 Kenyan Shillings.

Others have confessed that they decided to change after  they spent all their money  on a bet yet they did not have a meal for the day.

The question of whether to bet or not  might have many answers but some say that banning is not the solution.

They claim that there are more problems that are facing the youth and the nation in general other than the gambling.

It is a bitter sweet situation and people who literally survive on bets for the lack of a payslip have  testimonies for the same.

A top Kenyan blogger Robert Alai initiated the conversation online . Have a look at the reactions from his post.




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