Who Did it Better? How Local & International Media Houses Covered the Dusit Terror Attack

Newspapers from around the world covered the attack at 14 Riverside in Nairobi on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Headlines of Kenyan newspapers ranged from “Unbowed“, “Inside hotel of Terror“, “Faces of Terror“, Deaths as terrorists hit Nairobi business hub” and “Terror in Nairobi“.

International media outlets such as the U.K’s Daily Mailsaid: “Briton and American are among 15 killed in Islamist attack on Kenyan hotel as CCTV shows terrorist gunmen shooting up compound where wounded victims still beg for rescue.”

The BBC said: “Kenya attack leaves 15 dead” while the Mirror said: “Nairobi Terror Attack- British man among 15 killed as militants storm hotel.

The headline on the Telegraph story reads: “Kenya attack- Six killed in Nairobi hotel complex terror siege.”

CNN on its part had the headline “At least 11 dead in attack on Nairobi hotel” while the New York Times described it as “Deadly Attack in Nairobi.

The Guardian headline indicated that gunmen were in a standoff with the police as the Wall Street Journal did the same and added another story saying “Terrorists Claim Deadly Attack on Kenya Hotel Complex.”

When the attack began on Tuesday afternoon, a report on the Sydney Morning Herald said Luxury Nairobi Hotel attacked by extremists.

They later did a story after the Press briefing by Interior CS Fred Matiangi saying: “No further threat-Kenya authorities secure hotel as death count begins.

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