‘We fear no evil’….Kenyan leaders say over the Dusit D2 attack

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Six heavily armed gunmen blasted their way into a luxury hotel and office complex, shot several people dead, wounded many and took hostages in a terror attack that sent people fleeing into the streets.Security forces have been working meticulously to end the siege.

Many of the Kenyan leaders have come out to condemn the act as cowardly.Senator Moses Wetangula has advised the Nation to join hands to fight terror in all its forms terming it a beastly activity conducted by social degenerates and misfits.

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Moses Wetangula

Senator Mutula Kilonzo on the other hand has advised Kenyans to come out of their homes with their heads high carrying our flags in hand, on our cars and drape them in all the buildings to show the cowardly terrorists that we fear no evil and are unbwogable.

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Mutula Kilonzo

Vocal Boni Khalwale had yesterday reported that his daughter was trapped under attack. He has however followed up to announce recently that his Nzinzi has been evacuated thanking all those involved in the rescue mission.

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Boni Khalwale

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