Abbas Gullet condemns ‘New York Times’ kind of publications in times of tragedy

Kenya Red Cross Boss Abbas Gullet has recently condemned the photos shared by the New York Times as they covered the Dusit Attack.

Abbas says that we need to learn that when in such a situation we should not do what The New York Times did yesterday.

“We cannot play out to the hands of the terrorists” he said

He also said that when the media is flooded with such information, then it gives a sense of power to the enemies and things could get out of control.

Abbas during the JKL interview says that in such a crisis people must be able to give out information at the appropriate time and to the appropriate people.

Speaking on the rescue and coordination mission, Abbas says that the scene at Dusit was not chaotic but a lot was happening at the time.

Despite the uncertainty, Abbas added that the Recce Squad and the police had taken control of the situation in terms of coordination.

Abbas called out the attackers and questioned their motive saying that it was indeed a coward act.

The Red Cross Boss says that compared to the West-gate attack, the enemy  this time came well prepared, well armed but the police had it all in control.

Abbas Gullet also mentioned that he had been receiving calls from politicians but he is glad that the politicians did not show up at the scene; thus giving room for professionals to do their work.

According to him, the biggest lessons that Kenyans learnt yesterday was good coordination and good leadership are fundamental for any emergency.





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