Timelines: How the Deadly Dusit D2 Terror Attack Unfolded

An upscale complex in Kenya's capital is under attack, with an explosion and heavy gunfire

  • 3:48PM: Suspected terrorists arrive at dusitD2 Hotel on Riverside Drive, Nairobi in a silver 5-seater hatchback and walk toward security officers at the hotel’s gate, where they throw an explosive at the security agents.
  • 3:50PM: A loud bang resembling a grenade explosion is heard, with black smoke swelling and rising up into the air.
  • 3:55PM: Three vehicles on fire spotted at the scene.
  • 3:58PM: DCI George Kinoti and team arrive.
  • 4PM: Social media awash with claims of occupants trapped in dusitD2 saying the facility is under attack. Armed law enforcement agents arrive at the facility.
  • 4:05PM Rescue mission underway as a man sporting a red T-shirt and black pair of trousers is seen being moved away, with a gunshot wound in the back. He is bleeding profusely.
  • 4:11PM: Students from Nairobi University, who reside in the nearby Chiromo hostels, are ordered to vacate the premises.
  • 4:20PM: Those injured taken to Aga Khan Hospital
  • 4:25PM: Ambulances with sirens arrive at scene.
  • 4:25PM: Recce squad security officers advance into the hotel to try and neutralise the attackers.
  • 4:30PM: Kenya Airforce team arrives at scene.
  • 4:33PM: Firefighters arrive
  • 4:36PM Recce officers gain access into the building.

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