Dusit D2 Terror Attack! Police warn the Public Against Spreading Unconfirmed News

An upscale complex in Kenya's capital is under attack, with an explosion and heavy gunfire

The national police service has moved to warn people about the deadly Terror attack at the luxurious Dusit D2 Hotel. Through their Twitter handle, the service has asked citizens to use its official channels for official communications.

“Please utilise this channel for all official information and refrain from re-tweeting unconfirmed news.”

The attack started at around 3 PM on Tuesday afternoon, when gunmen forced their way into the hotel. They bombed cars at the Parking Lot and started shooting haphazardly.

Cars were seen burning at the scene amid reports of explosions and heavy gunfire

Dreaded Al Shabab Militia have already claimed that they are responsible for the attack which has left so many people injured. The attack comes at the exact day when Kenyans are marking three years since the infamous El Adde Attack in Somalia. Most KDF soldiers lost their lives on that fateful day.

The attack immediately reminds many Kenyans of the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi in 2013, when al-Shabab extremists burst into the luxury shopping center, hurling grenades and starting a days-long siege that left 67 people dead.

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